About Entourage School Services


Entourage was formed to provide outstanding yearbook, photography and fundraising services specifically for schools.  To properly provide these services to schools, there must be a focus on the various needs that schools have across students, families, teachers and administrations. Providing outstanding service, providing a platform of education for students, supporting school initiatives, managing privacy and security are all at the core of Entourage's values to helping schools across the nation.

Our Mission

To provide the most outstanding set of school services to schools for the mission of supporting our schools to  provide the best education and experience for our nation's students.

Our Values

Entourage operates all of our service departments driven by the following core values:

  • Provide the best school services, products, technology, training and support to our schools – Schools need the best tools, services and support to provide the best educations experience to their students and communities
  • We live by a philosophy of delivery – What we say we will do, we do
  • We must be “efficient” entrepreneurs - we must be creative in helping our schools and be disciplined in providing our services in a sustainable way. Economically, environmentally, and socially
  • We must create a company culture that attracts, trains and retains the best school services professionals in the industry - To provide the best we must attract, train and retain the best school service professionals

Our Founders


Elias K. Jo

Co-Founder & CEO

Elias founded Entourage with his brother in 2005 with the objective of creating a school yearbook service company that utilized the latest in online technology, the fastest in yearbook production equipment, and a commitment to customer service that has been the hallmark of the most successful online companies in the country.  He has a great passion for what Entourage can do to help schools across the country and regularly consults with education leaders about the role of private companies to support public education.

Elias earned is B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University and his MBA from Columbia Business School. His background is in software development and strategy consulting. He grew up in a family of photographers and was the yearbook photography at his High School and his College.


ed photo 2

Edward K. Jo

Co-Founder & COO

Edward K. Jo, Chief Operations Officer for Entourage Yearbooks, decided to partner with his brother Elias who was interested in creating a Yearbook publishing company back in 2007.  He was in the photography and photo processing industry for 30 years and knew the industry very well.  As a graduate of Rutgers University, with a B.S. in Business and Managerial Economics, he was excited about entering into the publishing field. 

Edward handles all the Production and Manufacturing of yearbooks at Entourage.  His hard work and dedication have been recognized, and Entourage was awarded the honor of generating the most number of prints possible within a certain time frame nationally. Ed is also recognized for developing the most efficient and fastest yearbook production.  He commented that, “one of the biggest joys in working with Elementary Schools and PTAs is seeing the final product, and the joy it brings to all of the students and teachers that worked on the project from start to finish.  They feel a real sense of accomplishment, and so do we!”  He continues to strive to research and develop the highest quality yearbook product for schools across the 50 states.

Customer Testimonials

New Egypt Primary School

"The software is user friendly, and Entourage customer service is easy to connect with and always helpful."

- Gabrielle Chapman, New Egypt Primary School


Atrisco High School"Entourage Yearbooks has been a complete saver. If it wasn't for their exemplary service, our yearbook would have never turned out so amazing. So I want to say thank you Entourage for all of your hard work and amazing service. We will be back next year!"

- Robert Stratton, Atrisco High School


"Outstanding customer service. Outstanding! Great end product! Definitely will make the kids happy."

- Lana & Barbara, Millstone River School


"Entourage was prompt in returning all emails, always available by telephone and very responsive in dealing with any concerns or questions that I had throughout the school year. I am thankful that we were able to have sucha successful exprience with our yearbook last year"

- Anna Sikkema, Creekside Elementary

"Your staff was EXTREMELY helpful and worked very closely with us when we were near the end of production time. Your team helped us with pages we couldn't do ourselves and we had help to the last minute... I can't say enough great things about your hard work and helpful attitude!"

- Lena Vollaro, Gymtime